What Gender Has to Do With Pain Management

How Pain Management is Viewed Differently by Gender

The process of experiencing and seeking help for pain is different for men and women. As a result, gender has a lot to do with pain management techniques, treatment, and perspective.

#1: Women Tend to Seek Treatment Sooner

Gender often influences how people view their pain. Men generally try to keep their pain to themselves until they can no longer do so. Women, however, tend to seek pain management treatment as soon as they experience severe or continuous pain. In some cases, this means that by the time men get around to seeking treatment, their pain is more severe and may be more complex to treat.

#2: Men Tend to Seek Healing rather Than Relief

When men do seek treatment at pain clinics, they tend to seek healing rather than relief at higher rates than women do. For instance, women often talk to their pain doctors about options for relief, like medications or therapy, which may not fully address underlying issues. Men tend to ask pain doctors about getting to the source of the pain and fixing issues long-term.

#3: Women Tend to Seek Immediate Relief

Pain management can be a long-term process, but women more than men tend to want pain doctors to provide relief immediately. This can sometimes have adverse effects, as immediate relief may be found through medications that are addicting and provide no actual solution to pain.

#4: Men Tend to Seek to Get Back to Normal Faster

After having a pain management procedure, men generally want to get back to work and to a normal lifestyle faster. This can have both positive and negative effects, as the desire encourages men to have a positive attitude but may result in men bypassing important healing steps like physical therapy. Women tend to follow the orders of the pain doctor for healing.
Not all men and not all women respond in these ways because everyone is different. At SpineCare, we understand that everyone deserves to be treated in the way that makes them most comfortable. Our pain management doctors will listen, consider, and treat your pain based on what you want and need. Contact us now at 972-829-0505.