What is a Facet Fixation?

Minimally Invasive SpineCARE uses the Spine Facet Fixation System to treat facet disease with effective, advanced minimally invasive surgery. Facet disease refers to any breakdown or deterioration in the facet joints that connect the vertebrae in the spine to one another. These joints are located behind and between the vertebrae and can wear down from a variety of causes. To properly treat this condition, our surgeons use specialized bolts that are implanted through the damaged facet joints and lock the vertebrae together for stabilization.

Benefits of facet fixation include:

  • Spinal vertebrae are locked together to stabilize the spine and relieve pain associated with facet disease.
  • Many patients report rapid pain relief immediately after facet fixation surgery.
  • Our team uses advanced, minimally invasive techniques designed to pinpoint exactly which joints are damaged and allow surgeons access without major trauma to surrounding areas.

Our Treatment Approach

Our spine surgeons use the Spine Facet Fixation System to repair damaged facet joints through small incisions created over the affected areas. Typically, the process will involve the following:

  • A high-tech imaging system, known as pain mapping, will locate the precise area of pain and pinpoint exactly where the damaged facet joints are located within your spine.
  • Using a small incision and an advanced surgical device, the surgeon carefully navigates to the targeted facet joint with minimal intrusion or trauma to surrounding areas.
  • The device compresses the facet joint between two metal washers and then a specially designed bolt is implanted through the washers to effectively connect the bones of the facet joint and fuse them together.
  • This secures and stabilizes the spine, and can be repeated as necessary at each facet joint requiring treatment.

Because our focus is on minimally invasive surgical techniques, we use small incisions that cause less blood loss and damage to surrounding tissue and areas. Typically, patients also experience a shorter recovery time that allows them to return to their daily life sooner.

Advantages of Minimally Invasive Surgery

  • 45,000 satisfied patients
  • 98% satisfaction rate
  • 3mm incision
  • Less scarring
  • Less blood loss
  • Faster recovery time
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Increased safety for patient
  • Board-certified surgeons

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