What is an ACDF, or Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion?

When a damaged disc in your neck presses onto a nerve root, it can cause debilitating pain that can radiate through your shoulders and into your arms. Using a minimally invasive technique, known as an Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion or ACDF, the herniated or diseased disc can easily be removed. The two affected vertebrae will then be fused together for stabilization. This surgery is performed through the front of the neck, as opposed to the back, with a small incision made at either the left or right side. This allows the surgeon to access the cervical region of the spine through planes between the muscles.

Because this minimally invasive surgery is performed through the front of the neck, instead of the back, it offers many benefits including:

  • Access to nearly the entire cervical section of the spine through an uncomplicated pathway that minimizes trauma to surrounding areas
  • Generally less post-operative pain, due to a smaller incision and less movement of associated tissue, muscles and nerves
  • Minimally invasive surgery typically means less blood loss, faster pain relief and shortened post-operative recovery times, so patients can get back to their daily life and work sooner

Our Treatment Approach

Minimally Invasive SpineCARE’s surgeons perform all Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusions using the latest in minimally invasive surgical techniques and technology. Our expert surgeons follow a set of steps to properly and effectively perform this advanced surgery:

  • Portions of a damaged, herniated or diseased disc are removed using a tiny camera and surgical instruments placed through a small incision at the front of the neck.
  • After the space is cleared out, bone graft material is inserted into the area previously occupied the full disc. This fuses the vertebrae above and below together in a bone bridge.
  • If necessary, our skilled surgeons will attach a small metal plate over the bone graft area to firmly hold the vertebrae in place while they heal.
  • The intended result is that, when the cervical fusion heals completely, one strong, solid bone formation takes the place where the damaged disc once was.

Our focus on minimally invasive surgical procedures means that patients generally experience pain relief quickly and see shortened recovery times that allow them to return to their daily life much sooner. Our patients often report an improved quality of life immediately following their ACDF surgery.

Advantages of Minimally Invasive Surgery

  • 45,000 satisfied patients
  • 98% satisfaction rate
  • 3mm incision
  • Less scarring
  • Less blood loss
  • Faster recovery time
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Increased safety for patient
  • Board-certified surgeons

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