Find out if you are a candidate for LuMINI™ Micro-Invasive Surgery

Minimally Invasive SpineCARE is offering free consultations at our Plano location. Here’s what to expect:

Zero_CostZero Cost

Our free consultations are complimentary. With no financial risk, you can rest assured that you we will determine your candidacy at no cost to you.

ConvenientQuick Consultation

A quick, 15 minute, confidential consultation, allowing you to stop by on your lunch break, between other appointments or at your earliest convenience.

Expert_AdviceExperienced Specialists

One of our experienced specialists will meet with you and discuss your unique issues and needs. By the end of the free consultation, we will let you know if you are a candidate for our minimally-invasive surgery.

Custom_TreatmentCustom Treatment Plan

Following your free consultation, we will determine your candidacy and options. We can then work together to plan a course of action involving our surgical options, treatment and pain management.

How to schedule your free consultation

Simply fill out our form to schedule your free spine consultation today. Our team has successfully treated thousands of patients and we look forward to helping you get back to enjoying life again as quickly as possible.

What our patients say


“A lifetime of thanks for giving my life back to me. It feels like a privilege to be able to walk and stand. I can perform all the major and little things in life, after surgery. It is a true blessing to have my life back. Thank you for everything. Dr. Won and the staff at Lumin SpineCARE Center are fantastic.”
Brian B.


“The staff at Lumin were a pleasure to work with throughout the process before and after surgery. Lumin performed the surgery with total success and I’m feeling 100% today. I would highly recommend Lumin to family and friends.”
Brad H.

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