Back and spine pain can be debilitating, having a devastating impact on your quality of your life. The Spine & Orthopedic Institute team has developed a deep understanding of back and spine pain by caring for and treating thousands of patients. If you are experiencing chronic neck, back & spine conditions, whether from injury, disease or previous treatment, we can provide the optimum solution and relief.

You can be confident you made the right decision.

Aging and the wear and tear of daily life are major factors contributing to patients experiencing back or neck pain. Sports injuries, improperly lifting heavy objects, accidents and a genetic predisposition for developing problems with joints, bones and discs are also major contributors.

The Spine & Orthopedic Institute is focused on helping you address your neck, back & spine conditions as quickly as possible. Our team of experienced specialists has successfully treated thousands of patients using precise diagnostic technology and a comprehensive approach.

Micro invasive surgery has revolutionized spinal surgery, enabling surgeons to perform procedures through small incisions, using a tiny camera and specially designed small instruments. Micro invasive surgery results in fewer traumas to the surrounding tissue and muscles, reduced blood loss enabling quicker healing, and faster recovery and more rapid pain relief.

The team’s highly-acclaimed back and spine specialists, pain management specialists and rehabilitation professionals have vast experience and success in treating a wide variety of back and neck conditions, including:

Your spine is a complex structure. Repairing it after disease or injury has taken its toll, and helping it heal properly requires expert knowledge and experience. If you’re suffering with chronic back or neck pain, put a minimally invasive spine  specialist on your side. We’ve successfully treated thousands of patients by using precise diagnostic technology and intricate micro invasive surgical techniques.