5 Signs You Need Pain Management

5 Ways to Tell That You Need Pain Management

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if your pain is severe enough to require medical attention. Often, when living with chronic pain, people even get used to it and stop seeking help at all. If you notice any of these five signs though, you should seek pain management.

Sign #1: Persistent Pain Associated with a Specific Motion

A Pain Management Doctor. may be able to pinpoint exactly where the source of the pain in your body is using the specific information about what aggravates the pain. Depending on the issue, your treatment may be as simple as getting a chiropractic adjustment.

Sign #2: An Increasing Inability to Perform Normal Movements

If you find that pain is not naturally decreasing over time as it should, visit a pain management center. Debilitating pain or pain that continues to increase and to disable you is not normal and requires expert care, like that provided by the Board Certified and Fellowship Trained Physicians that work at pain clinics.

Sign #3: Your Pain Radiates or Causes Strange Sensations

When pain begins to radiate to other parts of your body or causes strange sensations like numbness or tingling, it can become quite severe. The odd sensations and radiating pains are indicators of what is going on in your body, including signaling where a nerve might be pinched or that you might have a herniated disc.

Sign #4: Dependence on Medication

Relying on pain medication to get through the day is not healthy. At pain clinics, you can receive treatment that has fewer side effects than many medications.

Sign #5: Difficulty Sleeping Due to Pain Levels

Pain that prevents you from sleeping is considered severe, and it can have a lot of debilitating and unhealthy side effects. If you find that your pain is keeping you awake or otherwise preventing you from necessary practices, like eating or breathing deeply, see a Pain Management Doctor as soon as possible.